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<link href="src/strip.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="//code.jquery.com/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="src/strip.min.js"></script>   
<a href="images/large/1.jpg" data-strip-caption="Image caption here" data-strip-group="gallery-name">
  <img src="images/thumb/1.jpg"> 

<a href="images/large/2.jpg" data-strip-caption="Image caption here" data-strip-group="gallery-name">
  <img src="images/thumb/2.jpg"> 

<a href="images/large/3.jpg" data-strip-caption="Image caption here" data-strip-group="gallery-name">
  <img src="images/thumb/3.jpg"> 


effects: { // Sets the duration of individual effects, or disables them when set to false.
  spinner: {
    show: 200,
    hide: 200
  transition: {
    min: 175,
    max: 250
  ui: {
    show: 0,
    hide: 200
  window: {
    show: 300,
    hide: 300
maxWidth: 500, // Sets a maximum width for the content.
maxHeight: 500, // Sets a maximum height for the content.
hideOnClickOutside: !0, // hideOnClickOutsideHide Strip when clicking outside of it or an element that could open it, enabled by default.
keyboard: { // keyboardEnable or disable individual keyboard buttons or all of them when set to false.
  left: !0,
  right: !0,
  esc: !0
loop: !0, // When set to true a group becomes a loop, making it possible to move between the first and last item
overlap: !0, // overlapAllows buttons to overlap the content when set to true, which is the default. Disabling overlap will cause buttons to be positioned outside of the content.
preload: [1, 2], // Sets the items to preload before and after the current item, or disables preloading when set to false.
position: !0, // Show or hide the position indicator.
side: "right", // sideSet the side to position Strip on to top, bottom, left or right.
vimeo: { // vimeoSets the player parameters of a Vimeo video, available options can be found in the Vimeo 
  autoplay: 1,
  api: 1,
  title: 1,
  byline: 1,
  portrait: 0,
  loop: 0
youtube: { // Sets the player parameters of a Youtube video, available options can be found in the Youtube 
  autoplay: 1,
  controls: 1,
  enablejsapi: 1,
  hd: 1,
  iv_load_policy: 3,
  loop: 0,
  modestbranding: 1,
  rel: 0,
  vq: "hd1080"
skin: 'strip', // Sets the skin. If you've provided default options for this skin they'll be applied as a starting point for other options.
afterPosition: // A function to call after the position changed. The first argument is the current position within the group.
afterHide: // A function to call after Strip is fully hidden.
onShow: // A function to call when Strip comes into view.