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HTML5 Canvas简单实用的图表插件-Chart.js


    Chart.js是一款简单实用的基于HTML5 canvas的js图表插件。该js图表插件利用canvas的特性,动态生成各种类型的图表。图表类型有:柱状图、线性图、饼状图、环状图、极坐标图和雷达图。并可以自定义tooltips。



Chart.js是一款简单实用的基于HTML5 canvas的js图表插件。该js图表插件利用canvas的特性,动态生成各种类型的图表。图表类型有:柱状图、线性图、饼状图、环状图、极坐标图和雷达图。并可以自定义tooltips。



<script src="Chart.js"></script>              


// Using requirejs
require(['path/to/Chartjs'], function(Chart){
    // Use Chart.js as normal here.

    // Chart.noConflict restores the Chart global variable to it's previous owner
    // The function returns what was previously Chart, allowing you to reassign.
    var Chartjs = Chart.noConflict();



bower install Chart.js --save          



<canvas id="myChart" width="400" height="400"></canvas>                
// Get the context of the canvas element we want to select
var ctx = document.getElementById("myChart").getContext("2d");
var myNewChart = new Chart(ctx).PolarArea(data);                


// Get context with jQuery - using jQuery's .get() method.
var ctx = $("#myChart").get(0).getContext("2d");
// This will get the first returned node in the jQuery collection.
var myNewChart = new Chart(ctx);                


new Chart(ctx).PolarArea(data, options);                


全局配置参数 = {
    // Boolean - Whether to animate the chart
    animation: true,

    // Number - Number of animation steps
    animationSteps: 60,

    // String - Animation easing effect
    animationEasing: "easeOutQuart",

    // Boolean - If we should show the scale at all
    showScale: true,

    // Boolean - If we want to override with a hard coded scale
    scaleOverride: false,

    // ** Required if scaleOverride is true **
    // Number - The number of steps in a hard coded scale
    scaleSteps: null,
    // Number - The value jump in the hard coded scale
    scaleStepWidth: null,
    // Number - The scale starting value
    scaleStartValue: null,

    // String - Colour of the scale line
    scaleLineColor: "rgba(0,0,0,.1)",

    // Number - Pixel width of the scale line
    scaleLineWidth: 1,

    // Boolean - Whether to show labels on the scale
    scaleShowLabels: true,

    // Interpolated JS string - can access value
    scaleLabel: "<%=value%>",

    // Boolean - Whether the scale should stick to integers, not floats even if drawing space is there
    scaleIntegersOnly: true,

    // Boolean - Whether the scale should start at zero, or an order of magnitude down from the lowest value
    scaleBeginAtZero: false,

    // String - Scale label font declaration for the scale label
    scaleFontFamily: "'Helvetica Neue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif",

    // Number - Scale label font size in pixels
    scaleFontSize: 12,

    // String - Scale label font weight style
    scaleFontStyle: "normal",

    // String - Scale label font colour
    scaleFontColor: "#666",

    // Boolean - whether or not the chart should be responsive and resize when the browser does.
    responsive: false,

    // Boolean - whether to maintain the starting aspect ratio or not when responsive, if set to false, will take up entire container
    maintainAspectRatio: true,

    // Boolean - Determines whether to draw tooltips on the canvas or not
    showTooltips: true,

    // Function - Determines whether to execute the customTooltips function instead of drawing the built in tooltips (See [Advanced - External Tooltips](#advanced-usage-custom-tooltips))
    customTooltips: false,

    // Array - Array of string names to attach tooltip events
    tooltipEvents: ["mousemove", "touchstart", "touchmove"],

    // String - Tooltip background colour
    tooltipFillColor: "rgba(0,0,0,0.8)",

    // String - Tooltip label font declaration for the scale label
    tooltipFontFamily: "'Helvetica Neue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif",

    // Number - Tooltip label font size in pixels
    tooltipFontSize: 14,

    // String - Tooltip font weight style
    tooltipFontStyle: "normal",

    // String - Tooltip label font colour
    tooltipFontColor: "#fff",

    // String - Tooltip title font declaration for the scale label
    tooltipTitleFontFamily: "'Helvetica Neue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif",

    // Number - Tooltip title font size in pixels
    tooltipTitleFontSize: 14,

    // String - Tooltip title font weight style
    tooltipTitleFontStyle: "bold",

    // String - Tooltip title font colour
    tooltipTitleFontColor: "#fff",

    // Number - pixel width of padding around tooltip text
    tooltipYPadding: 6,

    // Number - pixel width of padding around tooltip text
    tooltipXPadding: 6,

    // Number - Size of the caret on the tooltip
    tooltipCaretSize: 8,

    // Number - Pixel radius of the tooltip border
    tooltipCornerRadius: 6,

    // Number - Pixel offset from point x to tooltip edge
    tooltipXOffset: 10,

    // String - Template string for single tooltips
    tooltipTemplate: "<%if (label){%><%=label%>: <%}%><%= value %>",

    // String - Template string for multiple tooltips
    multiTooltipTemplate: "<%= value %>",

    // Function - Will fire on animation progression.
    onAnimationProgress: function(){},

    // Function - Will fire on animation completion.
    onAnimationComplete: function(){}

如果你希望图表是响应式的,可以参考下面的设置: = true;